Infant care or hiring a maid?

We are currently planning one of these two options for baby domo after my wife ends her maternity leave.

Why choose infant care ?

  1. Baby will be able to “socialise”
  2. Personnel will be “more capable” of taking care of her compared to a maid
  3. No chance of a inter-personal relationship conflict at home involving a new member of the family.

Why hire a maid?

  1. Baby gets more attention
  2. Household chores can be relegated to her
  3. We can get a good night sleep (most important point here)
  4. We can continue to use cloth diaper and feed breast milk to baby domo(infant care will most likely say no to cloth diaper..)

Why no to infant care?

  1. We spending money so we can spend even more money…(infant care’s inability to accept cloth diaper and even maybe breast milk)
  2. Baby Domo will fall sick more often ..(higher immunity over time, so that’s a toss)
  3. inconvenience of traveling back and forth to the centre

Why no to hiring a maid?

  1. Higher costs ( can easily run up to 1K/month)
  2. lesser freedom at home, as we need to monitor the maid
  3. higher startup cost, cameras + deposit and all.

Over the next few days, after I have visited 2 infant cares, I will share a more detailed comparison between the two options.


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