Review of 2 infant care centers

I last visited Myfirstskool near my area on last Saturday.The facilities are generally quite clean and the teacher is able to accept cloth diaper and breast milk. (hands down the most important point we are looking out for)
They are currently having 3 teachers and 10 infants which is quite close to a 1:3 ratio (quite different from the 1:5 ratio which was formally advertised as)
Price is slightly higher compared to Sparkletots and the location is quite far out, unfortunately. It might actually be impossible for us to fetch baby domo on time as I knock at 5.30 while my wife knocks off at 6…A quick check on Google maps shows that it will take about 1 hr 10 mins from my workplace to travel to the childcare.

A few things I have noticed during the visit.

  1. The radio was playing in the background, I did not check if this will be playing during the weekdays’ session but I am not that sure if baby domo can accept it.
  2. One of the infants was hospitalized, although the reason was not written down, I believe that it should be most likely due to illness.
  3. The head teacher left after awhile after I expressed that I would like to consider baby domo’s enrollment further. Perhaps, she deemed that it would be a waste of her time to stay further.

Pros +++
Good children ratio (more attention to the infants definitely)
The teacher who attended to her was very (or at the very least look) experienced.
Good variety of teachers from different races

Cons —
location is quite far out for me
slight concern if the infants fall sick very often

2) PCF Sparkletots

It was a big facility with three individual clusters. When I was there, I saw about two different age group of children brought outside. It is a definitely a homely environment.

I then proceeded with the tour of the infant care facilties, to be honest, it does feel a little clustered (their ratio is current 9:20 teachers:infants). Their teachers are also mostly China Nationals, which can be a double edged sword in terms of teaching. (Their Mandarin will definitely be better but their English might come with an accent, though this is mitigated by the English teacher, a local judging from the photo on their staff board)

But sadly, they did not accept cloth diaper citing hygiene as their main reason. (Fair enough, this would be the ideal infant care if they can accept)

A few things I have noticed..

  1. Their principal seems to be quite “cold” after she heard that I am using cloth diaper. (Maybe just a gut feeling who knows ..)
  2. I saw quite a few parents hanging around at 9-10+ am inside the facility,crowding at the entrance…

Pros +++ Bigger group will be able to provide a better “social” environment for baby domo. Cheaper fees and a much more convenient location

Cons — inability to cater to cloth diapering, 3/4 of my potential savings just flew away. Less diverse mix of teachers with a huge percentage of China Nationals.

After many consideration, I have decided to try out Sparkletots. I believe that convenience and the fees of the center will out weight the cons.

I will update on the infant care again when baby domo starts in mid March.

For those who are considering infant cares, what is your primary concern? Do leave your comment below 😁

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