Review of my wife’s delivery bills

The bill came in yesterday and I must say that the final figure came in as a shock to me.

I will let the pictures do the talking …

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Wow, the final bill is way below my expectations. I was expecting 3k plus after the medisave deduction. I had people around me telling that their average bills is like 5k-7k just for the delivery.

Looking at this article from Seedly, I really do not know if I am being too thifty or are they splurging too much…

What could have gone better..

Honestly, if Prof Tee (the gynae) could accept a lower class room, I do not really see why I should be taking class B1 (the lowest class that he is willing to deliver in) He did not even pop by at all during my wife stay 😂.

I would have prefer B2 instead as there will be no aircon but fans as the source of ventiliation. My wife was complaining when one of the neighbouring bed requested to turn up the aircon as she was feeling hot. The next thing that happened was my wife was shivering till she finally asked for the nurse to reduce the aircon.

Aircon is also not very good for the female body after delivery. According to TCM, the woman must avoid element of cold during this period. So ideally, fan will be much better than aircon, I guess.

In summary, I would said that her delivery in KKH was very affordable and the level of care provided during her stay is adequate.

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