Why you should consider cloth diapering.

Today, I would like to share a little bit about cloth diapers and my personal experience with them.

There are many kinds of cloth diaper out in the market, ranging from the most cost effective (the traditional cloth AKA flats – this will require an external cover) to the most convenient but expensive (one good example will be all-in-one, like this name implies you simply use the diaper just like a disposable diaper).

Currently, I am using pocket diapers (water absorbent inserts will have to be placed inside the pouch area of the diaper). It’s a good balance of price and convenience.

I know many readers will ask why I decided to use cloth diapers, especially in Singapore where disposable diapers cost about 20 cents per piece. How much can one even save with it ?

Before I answer this question, here are some pros and cons of using cloth diaper.

Cost Savings

Some people will feel that at only 20 cents a piece, will there even be any savings after factoring in the utilities bills and the effort. The short answer is yes. Assuming your baby changes 10 diapers a day, that will be 2 dollars a day. Simply by washing 10 inserts at one go, that will be a 2 dollars saving and what does it costs?

Based on the my washing machine (8kg Samsung front loader) , it will take about 6 litre of water per kg of load. Even at max load, it will consume 48 litre of water (0.048m3) which is…$0.17.

Electricity consumption will be at ~$0.75 (2000w X 1.5 hr = 3 kWh) X 25.52 cents). *this rate is based on SP services tariff rate, I believe and strongly encourage everyone to take a look at the open electric market for even more savings* You can check here for the SP current tariff rates. https://www.spgroup.com.sg/what-we-do/billing

Adding up both gives a total of $0.92, which is also to say, you can easily break even if you are washing just 10 inserts and the external shells. Saving 1 dollar a day will mean an extra 30 dollars of spare cash.

Scaling the number of inserts and shells will greatly increase the savings amount. And if you are not that particular, you can even wash your baby clothes along with the inserts and external shells.

Okay, so if you only want to wash 10 sets, what will you spend so much time washing and cleaning just to save a few dollars?

This brings me to my second point. Comfort

I did try to use disposable diapers for awhile as I was trying to clear out the samples that I was given during baby fairs. But unfortunately, baby domo end up having diaper rashes, nothing severe but it definitely warrants a dab of diaper cream. Now, when it comes to diaper cream, there are two school of thoughts. One will simply apply every time when they change diapers while the other group will avoid using it if there is no rash.

Personally, I think i fall into the second group, mostly out of convenience. When I finally start using cloth diapers, the rashes went down considerably and I get to save on using diaper cream (they are definitely not cheap, most of them ranges from 9 dollars onward per tube). Saving on the cream means I will be saving EVEN MORE at the end of the day.

But let’s be honest, there is always a flip side to everything. The most common barrier to cloth diapering for most people is – washing the poo away from the diapers.

Yes yes, it is dirty. I am not going to lie. What I do personally is that I will use a shower head to wash off the poo before dumping them into a pail of soapy water, ready to be washed in the washing machine later on. This setup is simple, make sense for me and prevents any fouls smell from coming out. It even helps to reduce some of the stains from the diapers.

Finally, the initial startup cost. Cloth diapers are not cheap, with one costing about 20-30 dollars per set. You can run into a few hundreds easily and if you do not persist with it for months, you will probably lose out on this investment. Luckily, there are many people who are more than willing to buy second hand from you so you can definitely recoup some money out of it.

All in all, I hope that this blog have prompted some to try out cloth diapering or even read up more about it. It is truly an interesting experience and I invite all my readers to consider trying it out one day.

Do comment below on what do you think about cloth diapering and what is the no.1 factor which prompted or stopped you from trying.

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