Post confinement review AKA why you should diy your confinement

This post is slightly late as I was too busy with life and with baby domo. Previously I shared about my less than stellar experience with the first confinement lady from PEM agency.

But it is with a heavy heart that I must said that the second experience was still less than ideal. After a week (the second week of confinement) have passed, we have decided to move the baby cot back to our room and do the night duties by ourselves

One of the reasons we did that was once again, we caught the nanny overfeeding.

I was quite comfortable with this nanny as she can cooked better dishes than the previous one (luckily for us). But one night, I saw that she was trying to feed baby Domo till the point she was struggling and trying to swat the bottle away. While I can understand that it is not ideal to waste milk but that is not the way to go.

Seeing that scene, I yanked the bottle out from her hand and pour away the milk into the sink. I think the nanny knows that I am angry and was quite shocked by my actions, since I do not normally talk to her much.

That pretty much sums up the terrible confinement experience from PEM agency. I even had to post on their Facebook so that the nanny can get a cash incentive ( what kind of behaviour does that really promote, honestly?

We were literally counting down to the end of the confinement because we are suffering so badly from it. 

As stated the title, let me help to do a quick comparison between doing your own confinement and getting a nanny from PEM agency (in order to be fair).

PEM cost a whooping 3000 dollars and that did not include the ang bao (red packet) for the nanny when they come and go! Also we also have to factor in the consumption of one more head …

Besides the cooking of the food (which I am very satisfied with) , I do not really see much a of a merit to hiring a nanny from PEM.

A confinement meal delivered to our doorstep will cost about 1.3k to 1.6k SGD, based on this blog and a quick Google online. That would mean I will be able to save up to 1.4k. The only drawback is that , we will have to care for the baby ourselves, settle the night duties (which we had started doing from week 2) and I would have to do the household chores by myself (since my wife is unable to “touch water” for the whole month).

The nanny does not help my wife in any form of way except to chit chat to kill time. Just like the first one , she does not help in breastfeeding at all.

The verdict ? Just do it yourself and save yourself from the agony of the nanny from PEM agency.

P.S the second nanny revealed that the first one had always been a issue and have been kicked out many times before. In the last week, she claimed that the company is “purging” those who are not performing and the first nanny was one of them who was let go. 😊

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