Why going for the subsidized rate is not just about dollars and sense

So today was the third visit for Baby Domo for her cardiac condition. For those who have missed out for the first visit, you can read more in here.

Baby Domo was registered as a private patient for the first visit, but under the recommendations of the doctor, we decided to become re-registered as a subsidized patient for cost savings for the visits and also for the operation, which we are pretty sure that the odds of avoiding it is pretty low.

One friend has pointed out to me that my blog always ended up talking about the negative side of issues, that I must agree fully, for I am quite a negative person in nature. But in light of this conversation, I will try to remain as fair as possible in my posts from now on.

Before I proceed any further, let me put a big disclaimer…

All information that is posted here is meant to be used as a reference for my personal experience and does not co-relate, in any form, to the doctors’ skills or reputation.

Second Visit (Dr X)

It happened about 3 weeks ago, Dr X seems like a bubbly person, introducing the team to me and my wife. Certainly, that was off to a great start and especially, after the first visit, where we were left slightly disorientated in terms of what will be next treatment for Baby Domo.

What happened next , was less than stellar. Dr X palpate her body and listen with the stethoscope and did a quick scan (like 5-10 mins) with a machine (ultrasound I presume , it’s smaller and different from the usual echo machine). The diagnosis Dr X gave was that Baby Domo’s lungs has some fluid in it and will be prescribed some diuretic to help relief the area.

Fair enough so far , but then Dr X went on and say that her VSD is a large one. Previously it was diagnosed as a moderate-large VSD, does that mean that the hole enlarged ?!

I clarified with Dr X over this point and was given some assurance that the hole will not become bigger due to the internal pressure. (Ermm, then why did the diagnosis changed ?)

As I was mulling over what has happened , the side door slide open and another doctor asked if Dr X required help. Then it strike me..

Different diagnosis + another doctor asking if any assistance is required = warning signs in my head

Dr X declined the assistance and after that , asked her if we got any more questions. Even more confused than before , we decided to let it go and just go get the medicine for Baby Domo.

Outside, my wife and I briefly discussed over the experience in the room. Partly fueled by confusion, exhaustion and a touch of denial, the discussion grew into a wild fire of emotions (mostly anger 😅). We were angry with Dr X’s diagnosis and how it does not feel like things are progressing at all. We even considered the idea of going back as a private patient just so that we can avoid seeing Dr X again.

After concluded the “discussion”, We collected the medicine (diuretics which does not help in closing the hole in anyway) and went home.

Feeding medicine with a syringe to Baby Domo was a challenging task, sometimes she can drink it, sometimes she will reject and thrash around. I know that my wife does feel the heartache, as she questioned if there is a real need to give her the medicine. I too concur with her concerns and we came to a consensus – we will monitor the situation and if things are not getting better, we will stop giving the medicine.

We gave up , after one week LOL.

I will continue this story in a separate post, please stay tuned.


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