Review of the first two weeks of infant care

Without much fanfare, baby Domo have finished her two weeks trial in the childcare.

Huh you mean infant care so fast finish the trial already ah ?

In this post, I will write down some of my general feedbacks and comments after observing some stuff. Firstly the good points..

  • Check in and check out require photos taking, which can then be viewed from the app.
How the check in and check out app look like
  • They update on when they are feeding , diapering and shower. All this is done in the same app. (Good for anxious parents who feel the complusive urge to micro manage their baby)
  • So far, they are quite polite and helping baby Domo to feed well (in fact they are asking for more milk!)
  • You can park your baby there on Saturday for an extra half day (lols, nothing wow but still)

Now let’s talk about the places which they can improve on.

  • Main language used in the center should be mostly English instead of Mandarin. ( They only have two non Chinese staff while the rest are Chinese national). One of the child is Malay and I find it extremely amusing when she can somehow react to the teachers when they speak Mandarin to her.
  • They have extra staffing usually towards the end of the day. Most likely, they are not full time teachers there. It will be good if they are employ permanent part timers instead of using these temporary ones.

Lastly this ..

Hmm , the teacher say baby Domo scratched herself.
Honestly, no one will be happy to see their own child being injured…

In the end , we accepted that she did scratched herself but more attention should be given to her also (even though she does not cry as badly as other babies)

Overall, we can see that baby Domo is definitely growing well. Even the cardiologist said so in the latest appointment (more on that in the next post). Beside the scratch incident, we do not have much complains about the service. It was a good choice after all, to use a infant care service just like what I compared before in my previous post.

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