Update on the state of the blog

Moving along, I will talk briefly about the current state of the blog for every quarter.

This post will serve as a reference and align my future postings according to some KPI which I will be setting for myself (as I am not disciplined enough, honestly)

Wah lao my father not posting enough , how to earn enough for me to eat?

First up, a quick overview of the blog stats. (Provided by Google analytics)

This kind of figures is WAY too low…

Compared to my friend (Financialmtc), I am really far apart. Granted that more people will be interested in financial matters over parenting (otherwise, why are we having a declining population 🙃)

Anyway, in an attempt to increase the number of views, I will seek to achieve these KPI….

  1. Share on IG one post of mine (possibly the lowest views that I will gain)
  2. Share on FB one post (previous share was able to get 70+ views, which was quite respectable in view of my total views)
  3. MAYBE share on LinkedIn one post. ( Not too sure if there is any backlash but this will definitely get the most views …)

In terms of my posts, I will also make some adjustments to my style of posting.

  1. Shorter posts (yes I know more and more people have shorter attention span)
  2. More pictures (to serve as a form of break in my posts)
  3. Be more positive or at least neutral in my posts and avoid being too negative.

Thank you for all the readers of my blog and the feedback and I hope to improve my writing as I blog more in the near future.

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