Taiwan Trip :D

The following next few posts will be about my recent trip to Taiwan (6D5N) with my wife and Baby Domo.

Being the first time we are traveling with an infant, we are really not that sure of the logistics that are required. After asking around, we managed to get a clearer picture but on hindsight, it seems we did really over packed for the trip.

Anyway, back to the trip. This one is a special one because we are taking SQ business class and it is my first time ever since I am aware.

Not in this picture. Two more backpacks and one infant 😂

I am just going to let the pictures do the (most of the) talking here for my experience in the krisflyer silver lounge.

Generally, I will say that it is a decent setup but it is neither fitting of the SQ brand or the premium price of the business class.

After visiting the lounge, we proceeded to walk around the area and there we found this …

Daddy…why am i on this…

Pushing Baby Domo on a stroller was definitely interesting as this is the very first time she sat on one since she was born. 😂 She was looking all around the space, luckily she did not cried due to the sudden change in perspective.

Soon it was time for us to board the flight, the priority queue for business is actually quite lacklustre since as we are travelling with young children, we still enjoy almost the same priority. When we got on the plane, we get to fully appreciate the appeal of the business class.

This shall be the very initial post of the trip…It is very time consuming to edit the photos one by one and I will try my best to finish up this whole trip by the end of this week. Next post will be about what happen on the business class and how that had changed my perspective totally.

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