Taiwan Trip (The flight to Taipei)

This is a continuation of the previous post, this will focus just on the flight to Taipei (a total of 4+ hours).

After we are seated, the very first problem that occurred was the flight was taking very long to get into taxi position. Waiting was not an issue but the weather was so hot inside that the pilot finally declared that while , it is waiting for the luggage to be loaded as this was a transfer flight (which explains why there was no wait list for this time slot..), the plane’s air conditioning have been set to the maximum.

This is the very first time, I have actually sweat in a flight (beside those times where I had to run for the flight in Bangkok), certainly, I told myself, this is probably just an one-off and I should not let this small issue affect me.

My front view

It was a good thing that baby Domo manage to keep quiet during the takeoff. After the flight takes off, the stewardess ask what drink do we want. We requested for iced milo (this is really nice) since we both do not take alcohol. The drink was served and so far we have no other issue. (obviously, something definitely went wrong later on..)

A funny thing happened, after the bassinet was assembled, the stewardess asked me what drink do we want. Unfortunately, our menus were not accessible to us as it was blocked by the bassinet…maybe they should consider the sequence first next time…

We thought baby Domo will be able to just sleep through the whole flight but she decided to “enjoy” the flight’s facilities as well. After the bassinet was installed (it is located just below the TVs), I decided to try to load baby Domo onto it.

Looks so comfortable, right

Less than 15 mins, she woke up and started crying.. We had no choice but to carry her in our arms. My wife was feeling quite thirsty and asked me to help request for some water from the crew. Here is the most turn off part of the trip, replicated word by word the exact conversation.

W (wife) : Hi, can i have some water?

S (Steward): Erm, there is mineral water available at your side aisle.

At this point, even I was quite surprised at this reply. Yes, we both can see the bottle of water sitting at the side but surely it is not wrong to want someone to serve water in a glass. Beside his reply, the steward was also not addressing us by our surname when he replied or when he was talking to us. He is definitely a senior crew based on his uniform yet his response is truly an eye opening experience for us, especially when we are in business class.

W (Triggered wife) : I want ICED water.

S (Steward): oh, okay.

Unable to avoid the task, the steward could only gave a feeble reply and went off to take the water. Again, surely it is not that hard to simply address us as Mr. and Mrs. Lee. We were honestly pissed at this steward’s behaviour but I told my wife to relax and enjoy the upcoming lunch (after all, isn’t this the star of the flight). This particular steward would later on offend us (or at least I myself) further -_-.

Finally lunch was served. I ordered the lobster thermidor as a few people have recommended to me.

Yea…i guess this is it..the lobster…

Let me try to rate the dish bit by bit, I am no gourmet so do take my ratings with a pinch of salt.
Appearance 3.5/5 (what is there a tomato on the rice…in a French dish)
Smell 3/5 (a slightly off-putting smell which I find it hard to distinguish, is it alcohol or the smell of stale lobster?)
Taste 2/5 (flesh of the lobster was not firm and only thing that I can actually taste is the alcohol. Rice was not fluffy and rather hard. I did not try the veggies but they appear soggy to me)

With my mood down the drain with the lunch, I just wanted to enjoy the chair till the end of the flight. Alas, baby Domo was crying and so my wife had to take turns to take care and eat. This arrangement resulted in another issue during the flight. At first, the stewardess asked if we would like to take turns to eat, we agreed to it as it seems logical to do so. However, after I had finished my lunch while others are already having their dessert, they did not bother to check with my wife if she wanted lunch to be served. I had to request for it myself from the stewardess and I really find it quite annoying.

The business class seats were not fully occupied and yet they could not serve us properly.

After the main meal, they served us some cheese and finally ice cream and chocolate. The selection of chocolate, is something I wish they can really improve on, as the stewardess is telling us about the flavours available, she said this,

“Oh, some of them have alcohol but I am not sure which one does”

OMG, seriously? What if someone has an allergic to alcohol, ah no issue, that person can just skip on the chocolate totally. Way to go, SQ, seems like the peanut incident is still not helping you to wake up in regards to food allergy. (by the way, peanuts were still served during the flight).

Finally, for the Coup de grĂ¢ce of the trip, the same steward (which was rude to us) walked around with the platter of the same offending chocolate and asked us if we wanted to have any chocolate and said, “PLEASE TAKE SOME, WE GOT A LOT OF IT”. Seriously man, yes we might be dressed casually and look poor, and even if you know we are taking the business class using miles, can’t you just treat us like everyone else? Luckily, there was no other nonsense from this fellow as the flight was nearing to its end.

My final verdict of the SQ Business Class flight to Taipei, if you are buying it with cold hard cash at 2K+, I hope you are into BDSM, because that was how painful it was. Food is meh (maybe it was the wrong choice), there was no amenity kits (removed long ago LOL), the entertainment system is so-so with a piss poor choice of movies.


Would i take it again? Yes, only if I am using miles (which costed an additional 70 dollars for both of us, on top with the miles).

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