Taiwan Trip Day 2 (Part one)

After waking up in the morning we had a quick nibble before proceeding to the Taiwan High Speed Rail (HSR) towards Tai Chung. It was a few hours and my wife and Baby Domo dozed off. After we had alight from the HSR, we waited for our usual driver/tour guide for the day – Mr Lin. This is the third time we are using him for our annual trip. His rate has been 3000 TWD for all three times, yes to be frank. It is slightly on the high side, but if you consider the additional tour guide services and the fact that the public transport in Tai Chung is not that accessible, I would think it is a acceptable price to pay.

Anyway back to the trip, while we were trying to find our driver at the station, he has already spotted us from far. Kudos to him to remember our faces even though we only meet once every few years, or maybe we were the only couple with a baby hmm…

We set off towards our first stop – Breakfast.

Most people will know that I am quite picky when it comes to food and this certainly ticks off many criteria on my list.

  • Price (yep less than SGD 3 dollars)
  • Smell (freshly made and the aroma of the meat is extremely appetizing)
  • Taste (the amalgamation of the bread, meat and egg along with sauce is definitely tasty)
  • Look (decent but not award winning, for sure)

After the pleasant surprise of a breakfast, we move on to some sight seeing. We wanted to visit the Miyahara but it was not open yet, so we went to a nearby site to take some some pictures.

After that, we went back to Miyahara. We spent about 20 mins in the place, we were basically stuck at the first level if we are not intending to spend money…the next level was the F&B level. Overall, it is obvious that it is a tourist trap and we did not manage to buy anything due to the steep price. We also gave the famous ice cream a miss as there were no flavours that my wife wanted to try and there was a super long queue of PRCs (it was super noisy and Baby Domo was not that happy with all that ….noise).

After this, we quickly set off to our next destination…..

This is the first part of the Day 2. More to come for the part 2.

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