Taiwan Trip Day 2 (Part 2)

First Major Site Seeing spot — Cona’s Chococastle

The front of the castle, the shade of white strongly resembles white chocolate

The ticket price was 300 or 250 TWD, and our driver told us that it can offset our purchases which mean that it is a free entrance. It is a really nice posh place with European feels.

Taking a shot of my hairy legs while inside the lift to the highest level (level 3)

Unfortunately, I had a sudden stomach ache and had to visit their toilet at level two, and in there i discovered the best reason to visit Cona’s..

After I was done with my business, it was time for Baby Domo to have her milk and off to the breastfeeding room we go. One thing for sure is that, in Taiwan, a pro breast feeding country, almost everywhere, you can finda breastfeeding room. These rooms are usually not equipped with the bare minimum (unlike in Singapore, where you can expect only a small chair and a table in a small room).

After that we proceeded to explore the Castle proper. We went back to level three to visit their chocolate facility and play a “make your own chocolate” machine.

After viewing how they make the chocolate, we went down to level 2 to try some of their chocolate ice cream. This ice cream is more appealing to my wife as compared to Miyahara’s. And it was only when I purchase the ice cream then I realise the gimmicks of the entry tickets, the price is broken into 5 individual coupons and you can only use one coupon to offset one purchase at one time…I was quite pissed to know that, since the discount is so pathetic (50 or 60 NTD against something can that easily cost 300 NTD onwards).

Cookie and cream with a piece of their famous dark chocolate.. I think this was 300 or 350 NTD.

When we went down to level one to see the rest of the chocolate, it was indeed a very impressive sight (till forget to take photo). Upon a closer view of these chocolates, the pricing was still quite okay. For a box of 6 chocolate, it will cost about 350 NTD upwards. Sadly, we could not purchase the chocolate as they can only stay out of fridge for 4 hours.

https://www.conas-choc.com/ (main website)
https://shop.conas.com.tw/ (their online shop)
Here are the two links to their websites. Overall, I will say that Cona’s is a beautiful place but it is rather small and out of the way. If it is on your way, do pop by to take a look, otherwise, you might consider other places instead.

The next stop is lunch , we were given a few choices and we settled for 酥妈妈汤圆.

It was a nice experience, eating something that is not a restaurant (this driver only bring us to cheap places XD). It really let us feel and enjoy the life of the locals here. This is one of the reason why I do not really enjoy Taipei as much, it feels more and more like Singapore , hectic inside a concrete jungle.

After this we moved on to our next sight seeing place. To be honest, we wanted something different for this trip since its the first time we are bringing Baby Domo along but due to the wet weather, we can only choose places that are indoor.

Next stop is some honey making place, to be honest when we reached, there was literally no one attending to the place.. lol. Even the exhbition lights were turn off, well I guess this is reality. No one will come for sightseeing on a weekday especially one that is so far out.

We went through the exhibition and purchased some of the honey back and off we go to the next stop. It was quite sad that there are no other tourists here today but oh well. The next stop is KOKOMU, a small establishment that sells wood products.

Generally a small place, we did not have time to sit down and DIY but we did purchase a unique music box with a carving of a character from one of the Studio Ghibli film. Why are we rushing so much? Because we are going to the highlight of the day – Moncoeur.

The landscape is extraordinary and it even have a small lake at the side as we walk towards the compound. There are a few shops at the very end and there are lots of greenery in the area. The main purpose of us for visiting this place is to purchase their products. It is most unfortunate that while we were trying to go the shop , it started to rain heavily. We had no choice but to leave the Moncoeur after we are doing shopping as the rain was just too big. The last thing we want is having anyone sick for the rest of the trip.

The fantastic and extremely comfy baby room. Look at how happy Baby Domo is 😂

Honestly, if I am a resident of Taiwan, I will be proud of the baby room and the receptiveness to breast feeding here. The standard is just years beyond Singapore’s level. We quickly went back to the car as the rain becomes bigger and proceed to our second last stop – dong dong yu yuan.

look at the yam paste inside…so good

After this, we proceeded to have our dinner – Braised pork meat again but this time round, the meat comes in a big piece. At this point of time, Baby Domo have been so cranky it is affecting us. I ordered just one bowl of us to share and we left for the HSR. We bid farewell to Mr Lin and we wait for our train back to Taipei, we wanted to squeeze onto a earlier train but it was so packed and I decided not to squeeze in.

Finally we reach back to Taipei, drained and hungry. We decided to have our dinner at our favourite fast food – Mos Burger (by the way, Mos Burger in Taiwan is so much nicer than Singapore’s). After that, we dragged our body back to the hotel and crashed for the night. We thought that Baby Domo will be worn out after so many activities today but….

her face is not one of tiredness…but wanting to play T_T

It was a struggle as we try to get her to sleep but in the end, everyone could not sleep well at all…at least this concluded the second day…
Stay tuned for the next post, where I will most likely combine the remaining few days’ key events together.

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