Taiwan Trip Day 3 – 6 (Parenting on a oversea trip)

After a exhausting night trying to pacify Baby Domo, we decided to change our strategy of packing our bags when heading out. For the past two days, we have been bringing the “Full Battle Order”. Something I believe most Singapore parents will know (bottles, formula milk or nursing cover and lots of wet tissues). Parenting has never been harder…especially overseas.

It is not effective at all when you are trying to pack light or going shopping, especially in our case, we do not use a stroller at all. Parenting is definitely not fun on this trip. We finally decided to pack light, out goes the excess diapers, the breast pump and the additional bottles. We shortened our itinerary to have more breaks, where we can go back to the hotel more frequent. This arrangement allowed my wife to pump out her breast milk and Baby Domo to nap longer.

It might be tempting to bring everything, but sometimes losing some baggage allow us to gain much more.

As a result, the trip became more fragmented and there are lesser pictures taken as we spend more time travelling back and forth.

Day 3

Long Shan Shi (Temple)
Long Shan Shi (I went to pray the previous year and this year, I am here to return the prayers)

A visit to the temple as part of our yearly tradition, to pray for good luck and return the prayers for the previous year. In addition to just good luck, I also prayed for something extra, which I did receive ^ ^. We headed for lunch after that – Ichiran Ramen.

I know I might be flamed for this, but I really need to say this out. Ichiran is over-rated. Period. Its broth might taste flavourful but that is all about it. The noodle and meat are so so, in my opinion. Baby Domo was also throwing a tantrum so we had to take turns taking care of her and eating. Truly a fun parenting experience…

Chanced upon this massage chain stores, I managed to give it a try at another outlets. It is a mixture of massage styles (shiatsu + Thai + Swedish)and the pressure is definitely on point.

I am not going to talk much about the night markets, because after going for 3 years, there are really not many changes and most of the stores are basically clones of each other.

The day ended after the night market and Baby Domo decided to provide some extra “entertainment” way beyond our sleeping time…When she finally decided to sleep, we were a few hours just before dawn..

Day 4

We are really feeling the burnout from taking care of Baby Domo so we had to sleep in for an additional hour or so.

After which, we had breakfast at Mos Burger and we hailed a cab to go down to Addiction Aquatic Development.

Signboard of the famous store
Random snapshot of other people food. Looks decent enough
My lunch. Quite a let down as some of the ingredients were not fresh at all..

sashimi…again was not up to expectations

Personally, I think that it was a okay experience visiting this place as one can find many live seafood and purchase a huge variety of items and products. I also purchased a Japanese rock melon which was very sweet and juicy but with a less mellow smell as compared to the Australia one.

After that we went back to the hotel to rest. We went to Nanya night market before we crash for the night, in preparation for the activity next day. But at the train station … Baby Domo was crying badly for milk. (Bad timing 😂).

So this happened at the station….

Me: Hi, may I know where is the nearest baby room?

Station master: To feed milk right ? You can do it within the station.

Me: (what the heck are you talking about !?! There are no signboard for baby room in this station…) Erm, where can I go ?

Station master: *Pressing his walkie talkies* Someone want to use the breastfeeding room, please guide them to the location. Okay, please wait here, the cleaner will guide you to the room.

Me: *stunned like vegetable*

The cleaner led us to one of the doors within the station and tapped her access card to allow us to go in. We had to fill up some details (name and purpose of using the room) and then we were left alone. The very first thing that I felt was this fuzzy feeling of friendliness inside me. The station master can simply brush us aside since we are just tourists, but he did not and allowed us to have access to such a wonderful place.

This makeshift breastfeeding room is as big as a toilet space and has almost everything that we will need. Power plugs, air conditioning and even a comfortable sofa and also…this.

Plush toys !! in a breast feeding room

Day 5

Another favourite location of our itinerary – Taipei Zoo!!

Unfortunately, the maokong gondola was not operating due to maintainance work. We had to go uphill instead of the usual down slope direction if we travel to the zoo through the gondola.

Under the immense heat, we caved in and rented a stroller for baby domo. It cost only 4 SGD without any time limit ( unlike the Singapore zoo, where they charge such a high fee…).

So hot but no worries, this stroller is quite shiok

Pushing the stroller up the slope was frankly speaking, very exhausting. When we finally reach the top to see the penguins (our main goal) , we were drenching in sweat. She on the other hand, was enjoying her afternoon nap 😒.


When baby Domo saw the penguins, she got so hyped up and started flailing at them 😂. After that we went to the gift shop to get some gifts for baby Domo.

buried by her new toys haha and she goes back to zz.

After the zoo, we went back to the hotel exhausted. We had a good rest before we set off to Raohe night market.

Day 6

We woke up , feeling quite refreshed. After all, this is the last day and we were having back to Singapore on a evening flight.

We proceeded to our usual breakfast place – Mao Zui

our routine final breakfast in taiwan

We had our lunch at Xin Mala Hotpot…well I was pretty hyped but wifey was not that interested. Turns out she was right, the buffet was so-so only and they have a rule that you can only order three rounds.. (I did not get to test out the 4th round as I was too full).

Sadly, we did not manage to enjoy this buffet at all because baby domo was throwing a tantrum, wanting to be hugged -_- . We were both quite cranky at that point of time.

After the meal, we went back to the hotel to check out. Unfortunately, due to my poor time management, we were scrambling to pack our luggage and shower. Baby domo was being very “cooperative” by crying throughout the whole packing.

We manage to check out without any penalty (luckily…) and we waited for our transfer to pick us up to go the airport.

All in all, its has been a enjoyable trip, although to be honest, having a baby around certainly make some activities less enjoyable (especially during lunch and dinner).

Here is TL:DR of the itinerary (thanks to my wife who helped to type this out)

Day 1
Landed at 5+
Reached xmd hotel at 7+
Went to Carrefour to get stuff
Walk xmd night market
Day 2
Yan ke Guan Went chocolate factory
Honey farm
Knock knock factory
Lavender cottage
Day 3
Long xiang shi
Went to eat ichiran
Shop around the area bear ichiran
Shi da night market
Ningxia night market
Rouhe market
Day 4
Addiction aquatic
Taipei underground mall
Nanya night market
Day 5
Taipei zoo
Did Mani and pedi haha
Rouhe night market
Day 6
Walk around xmd
Ate 新马拉
Checkout and head to airport

Finally, one last quick review – the business class flight back to Singapore.

Service was much better but the food was frankly, subpar. My wife seems to have a stomachache after eating her food while my lamb was too tough. I will probably advise anyone from choosing the lamb dish on their flight.

This post have taken far too long to write honestly, I now have a new form of admiration for those travel bloggers who post and write about their travels.

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