Book Review – Weaning and First Food by Nicola Graimes

A very informative book on weaning, after reading through it, i have summarised some of the key points so that you do not have to plough through the whole book.

  1. Freshly prepared puree can only be kept in fridge max up to 24 hours if you are not freezing it.
  2. Go for organic food if possible
  3. prepare finger food (baby fist-sized food and let the baby feed him or herself)
  4. be aware of allergies (one ingredient at a time when testing out the food initially)

Some of the sample recipes for baby (6 months onwards) found in the book.

Banana Puree
(Summarized) Smash 1/4 banana with a fork in a bowl till as smooth as possible. If required, add some BOILED water or breast or formula milk to make a thin puree.

Baby Rice Cereal (important as baby will require to top up their iron reserves)
1. Strain rice and rinse under cold running water. Transfer to saucepan and top up cold water to cover. Bring to boil, stir and reduce heat.
2. Cover pan with lid and simmer for 10-15 minutes, till the water has been absorbed and grains are tender.
3. Blend with breast or formula to make a smooth, runny puree.

This is a really good book for those who want to have access to some recipes ideas, it even cater to those who are 12 months and above.
Bite-sized content which is perfect for parents who are struggling to have their own time. One point of improvement will be having QR code to have the videos of the food preparation, which will help first-time parents alot.
I personally rate this book at 4/5 and will recommend all parents to borrow from the library or buy it.

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