S$10 discount at all Guardian SG outlets from July 15-21. (Literally free money)

From July 15 to 21, just visit Guardian and get a free 100% cashback capped at cashback using the ShopBack GO app, with no minimum purchase.

Too complicated? Just spend ten dollars to get ten dollars. Easy.

So people might be thinking, there must be a catch somewhere. Yes there is, you need to physically go down and make the purchase within the promo period.

Surely there must be a minimum amount to withdraw? Yes there is, ten dollars is the minimum sum and what do you know, this promo is giving exactly that.

This promotion is limited to one redemption per customer in a single receipt.

You can use this link to sign up, and we can both enjoy a referral for 5 dollars cashback.

Author: domodaddy

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