Calm down, Grow up, Get Closer, Repeat

This sentence came from a book called Screamfree marriage. Basically this concept will be explained below.

  1. Calm down (collect your thoughts, never do or say anything in the midst of anger)
  2. Grow up (ask yourself, if this is really what you want? Otherwise, review your actions and be honest to yourself, so that you can improve)
  3. Get closer (you should seek to connect, even though it might not turn out well, it is definitely better than just switching off)
  4. Repeat (repetition leads to a more efficient process and will ingrain this thinking into your daily life)

Being first-time parents, I would be lying if I say that I do not quarrel with my wife over baby domo. In fact, the frequency of our quarrels has increased and revolves mostly about the care of baby domo.

It is definitely a difficult concept to grasp and practise, but having the knowledge is half the battle won.

This concept can be applied not just to parenting also investing.

A short post but something to get my gears moving again


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